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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coriolanus: Relevant but nonpartisan

Bill Friskics-Warren previews the Nashville Shakespeare Festival's Coriolanus in today's Tennessean.

As celebrity and war hero, Coriolanus hits images in the current presidential campaign. According to artistic director Denice Hicks, "The contemporary relevance of the play is undeniable," said Hicks. "Coriolanus is a celebrity who the people insist on becoming a role model/politician." She goes on to say:

"We haven't taken this play and said, 'Look how great our Republicans are' or 'Look how great our Democrats are,' " she said. "Between McCain and Obama, we have a war hero and an outsider/newcomer. You see those qualities in Coriolanus, as well. He has to show his 27 war wounds to the people before they'll elect him."

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