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Friday, August 1, 2008

Eaton and Alexander respond to Knoxville Church shooting (updated)

Since the original post, Senator Alexander has responded via Lee Pitts, his press secretary. This statement is to be attributed to Mr. Pitts:

Senator Alexander was deeply saddened by last Sunday’s events. His thoughts and prayers are with the families, children and community affected by this tragedy."

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Kenneth Eaton has responded to my questions about the attack on the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church and the Matthew Shepard Act. The last part of his answer may be similar to the feelings of Bob Tuke, whose campaign has not returned my email asking him if he has a statement. But, like I said, the campaign hasn't returned my email, so it's impossible to know. Here is Mr. Eaton's email response in full, which he gave permission to be posted:

I do support the Matthew Shepard Act.
No matter your ideology, what happened in Knoxville is disheartening, and inexplicable. This is such a tragedy, our hearts and prayers go out to everyone involved, but my campaign is not going to use it for political gain.
Kenneth Eaton

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