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Monday, August 4, 2008

Down right Outright Libertarians!

Outright Libertarians, the GLBT division of the Libertarian party, has started a Nashville area provisional chapter. From their press release:

Unlike our friends in the Stonewall Democrats and Log Cabin Republicans, Outright Libertarians have broad based support in the our party and need not fight for basic recognition of our equal status in society. In the Libertarian Party, GLBTQ individuals start with the assumption of equal status and equality under the law.

In contrast to other parties, the Libertarian Party has included sexual rights, including equal marriage and adoption, equal military service, and the end of sodomy laws, ever since its first national platform in 1972. We're very happy with our party and its platform, our main job is to reach out to the LGBT community to explain why Libertarians offer better solutions to our community than any of the other political parties.

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Avalonfarms said...

Is this a place for discussion about what else Libertarians are for? Even though they are gay affirming that is not enough for me. Policy issues that go against my belief that we are a community as opposed to just "rugged individuals pulling ourselves up by their bootstraps" matters to me too. I believe that government has a role in providing services to the poor, educating our citizens, supporting labor, protecting the commons and protecting us all from corporate polluters, money gougers etc.

My understanding of Libertarianism is that they believe the only function of government is a strong military and police and that's it. They basically would like to deconstruct everything else that is part of the government. (Ie., schools, social security, medicare/medicaid, environmental protections, national park services etc) I personally have a serious problem with that.