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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chair of Memphis City Council Resigns

City Council Chairman Scott McCormick announced that he will resign his position to become executive director of the Plough Foundation. McCormick was one of the few returning members of the previous City Council term that included two resignations from ethics scandals and criminal prosections. McCormick sought censure of then council members Rickey Peete and Edmund Ford, Senior after the two were charged in Operation Main Street Sweeper.

The City Council will appoint an interim replacement that will hold the seat until Memphians in Superdistrict 9 elect a new council member for Position 1 on November 4th. More on the story here and here.

Many of the following candidates who live in Superdistrict 9 and placed well in last year's council elections may decide to run for the open seat:

  • Desi Franklin and Mary Wilder who placed second and third, respectively, to Reid Hedgpeth in Superdistrict 9, Pos. 3.
  • Brian Stephens who placed a close second to Bill Boyd in District 2 (inside Superdistrict 9).
  • Kemp Conrad and Joe Saino who placed second and third, respectively, in the Superdistrict 9, Pos. 2 race to Shea Flinn.

Carol Chumney who ran for City Mayor and formerly represented City Council District 5 and State House District 89 may also decide to run for re-election to the council.

1 comment:

Exile On South Main Street said...

I have it on good authority that Desi will not run, and Conrad and Saino don't stand a chance. Smart money is on Brian Stephens, who benefited from really broad bi-partisan support during his City Council race last year. Just my two cents.