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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Knox Co Republicans look at future: Family Values?

A piece discusses their annual Lincoln event. Health care, energy, and immigration are mentioned. Where's the discussion of the wedge issues? Where's the emphasis on "family values?" To read the article, you might think the GOP has moved past all that. Of course, the topic could have come up and the article failed to mention it.

Perhaps it didn't come up. Maybe someone who was there will post and answer the question. One hopes that Knox County Republicans are realizing that the strategy of using the GLBT community to divide the state is running out of steam. Then again, it may be that they are continuing to refine the rhetoric in a way that makes it publicly tamer.

Also absent in the article is all the controversy over open meetings and secrecy that is raging in Knox County now. Just yesterday, the Knox County law director issued a new report on whether commissioners violated a judge's ruling on the matter:

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