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Monday, September 29, 2008

Muted response to talk of Metro nondiscrimination ordinance

Well, it's mid-day, and the announcement that some members of Metro Council are looking at revisiting the nondiscrimination ordinance has not led to traffic jams, gas shortages, food recalls, gang violence, or an increase in the heterosexual divorce rate.

In fact, it's been pretty quiet. In comparison with past stories related to the GLBT community, this one hasn't drawn that many comments. There have been just a few blog posts out there. Sean Braisted is supportive...with some questions and qualifications. Truman Bean is enjoying the fact that he has prophetic gifts or enjoying hating the fact that he told us so or something. It's hard to tell. Council Member Megan Barry's every move excites him a great deal. And he want us all to know, but he hates telling us. He must be modest.

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