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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nashville women sound off on Sarah Palin

Bonna Johnson reports on some local women's reactions to Sarah Palin's candidacy.


Sabrina >> Women hold women to a different standard. I’ve been watching TV over the last two weeks. Women have been the harshest on Sarah Palin. Women reporters … like Nora O’Donnell, Campbell Brown — I looked up their bios, these women have there or four children apiece. And they’re sitting there going, “How can she do that? How could she be a governor? How could she leave her children? She has a Down syndrome child.”

Mary Cady >> We are our own worst enemies here, forever telling women how they should parent because somehow we’ve got it right. Quite frankly, we’re all fighting the same battle here. … We’re all fighting to be heard.

Shifay >> I took a career break right in the middle of my career. … Are you wasting your talents to be at home with your children? Well, I had so many problems having my children, I want to be with them. I’m not letting this gray matter waste. I’m doing things. I’m volunteering, I’m writing, whatever. I’m not judging you, so please don’t judge me. … We’re held to a different standard by other women.

Kathryn >> I meet with my business clients and we analyze whom they should hire for things. And they all look at women in what they call “baby age” and they decide. … They might get married. … What if they have a baby? They might not come back. These women get put in the “no” pile. That’s not fair. When Biden had to raise those two children by himself, do you think anyone brought any of this up?

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