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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Packed house for poverty on Monday

Registration for Nashville's Poverty Symposium is closed. The event hosted by the Nashville Chamber Public Benefit Foundation and the Metropolitan Action Commission this coming Monday morning has turned out to be pretty popular and is at "capacity." I'm glad I got registered early.

From the event description:

Join the business community, service providers, Metro government, faith-based organizations, nonprofits, and other concerned citizens to learn how poverty affects Nashville and its residents from an economic and social perspective. Guest speaker William Porro, ACCESS Miami , along with local experts will paint a picture of poverty in Nashville and offer examples of what's being done to reduce poverty in other communities.

The purpose of our Poverty Symposium is not just to educate ourselves as to the breadth and depth of poverty in our community, but to serve as a catalyst for identifying and actions that will lead to a significant reduction of poverty in our community in the foreseeable future. To this end, action teams will be formed in the days immediately following our symposium to further study each of the areas at the center of our symposium: housing, healthcare, food and hunger, childcare, economic opportunity, neighborhood development, and workforce development. Symposium participants and other members of our community will have the option to sign up for and serve on an action committee.

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