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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's happened to the Daily Dish?

One of my favorite blogs has gone silent since 9/8/08 at 1:48 PM. I am a regular reader of the Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan's blog on the The Atlantic. Andrew is one of the most briliant voices and writers in the political blogosphere and is a study in contrasts: a gay, HIV+, conservative Brit expatriot who supports Barrack Obama for President. Rumor has that The Atlantic fired him.

With more than 1 million hits a day on his blog, it won't be long before he reappears elsewhere. He's moved sites before.

UPDATE: Fellow Atlantic blogger Mark Ambinder just posted this:
Lots of e-mails asking about Andrew's whereabouts. I checked in with him; he's fine. He's taking a few days off. Worry not, fans.
Still very suspicious. He's probably getting a lot of flack for his criticism of VP candidate Sarah Palin.

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Sean Braisted said...

He posted an update saying he's spending time with his husband, though it still seems a bit curious.