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Sunday, September 21, 2008

We get it, Becky. You're against "gay marriage."

Becky Ruppe can hardly turn down an opportunity to say she's against "gay marriage."

"I am a pro-life, pro-gun, oppose-gay-marriage Democrat," says Ruppe, 45, who now serves as Morgan County executive.

Apparently Jim Maynard is getting under her skin:

On the matter of gay marriage, Ruppe says she has gotten some grief from members of her own party for her stance. She cites a West Tennessee gay activist blogger who urged Democrats to vote Republican rather than back a Democrat disloyal to party principles.

Wow! It's so strange that a gay man might condemn a candidate of the same party for taking a stand against "gay marriage," especially when it's not even an issue that will come before the General Assembly or the voters again.

Maybe she is the better candidate. I don't know. But I seriously hope no one in any party expects us just to shut up and ignore these comments.

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